Saturday, October 29, 2005

The song of the Free

'Freedom' - the word does not have any meaning until and unless stated as Freedom from something.

This 'something' is an overloaded term. It might hold the dreams and aspirations of an individual, the collective will of a nation, or just the plain urge to do whatever you want to do.

Why do we have this urge to be free? to be free from what?
Swami vivekananda's 'the song of the free' explores what it really means to be free:

. . .

The beauteous earth, the glorious sun,
The calm sweet moon, the spangled sky,
Causation's laws do make them run;
They live in bonds, in bonds they die.

And mind its mantle dreamy net
Cast o'er them all and holds them fast.
In warp and woof of thought are set,
Earth, hells, and heavens, or worst or best.

Know these are but the outer crust--
All space and time, all effect, cause.
I am beyond all sense, all thoughts,
The witness of the universe.

Not two or many, 'tis but one,
And thus in me all me's I have;
I cannot hate, I cannot shun
Myself from me, I can but love.

From dreams awake, from bonds be free,
Be not afraid. This mystery,
My shadow, cannot frighten me.
Know once for all that I am He.

Source: Vivekananda Vedanta Network