Monday, September 12, 2005

What will you become when you grow up

When he was a kid, he used to think he will become a train driver (preferably steam engine) when he grew up

When he was in primary school, he thought he will become a civil engineer and build big dams when he grew up

When he was in college, he thought he will earn huge money and do cutting edge work in computer science when he grew up a bit more

Now that he is working, he thinks he will start a company when he has grown up a bit more

When is he going to grow up? Will he achieve what he thinks?

As a kid his imagination knew no bounds, as he grew up his thinking got marginalised by responsibilities and his own mind.

Ultimately will he get used to all this, and get into the dull routine of ordinary existence?

Can the 'kid' in him come out of the boundaries he has set himself?

Can he find way which meets the aspirations and does not deviate from the responsibilities?

Will he again grow up to become a 'kid' knowing no boundaries?

PS: Here 'he' refers to any one who has undergone this thought process, not just me.