Monday, August 08, 2005


Hello All,

I have been blogging for quite some time now. Mostly I have blogged topics related to software, books and a little bit about life in general. Sometimes my posts generated a few comments, but in most of the cases the posts were in fact downright boring and nobody posted any comments :)

Recently I came across a study which stated that, even though most people have interesting experiences, they do not think about them or share them with others, they just discuss about the routine life. Which is very true.

So I have thought that from now on, I will write about my experiences which I have found interesting, or other's experiences if they are willing to share them here.

I will not blog in greater detail about technology or things that people can find on web. I will just provide the relevant URLs.

Do provide your feedback. I will start with an experience from my childhood in the next post which hopefuly should be intresting :)

I am looking for a new title for my blog as well, "Me, Myself and my blog" sounds very selfish :) even though I did not mean it. It was rather inspired from the movie title "Me, Myself and Irene".


At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Sanjay M said...

Writing is a nice form of self-expression. I think if and when we feel like being technical, we should write technical things. Or if we feel anything else, we write anything-else things. As long as you're being true to yourself, I think it dosen't matter what you write.

Maybe not now but 6 months later someone will find some one particular thing you've written to be more useful than anything else available on the web. Sometimes they may never tell you. After all how many times do we put a note of thanks on the page of every succesful google result whenever we google for anything?

What a writer writes might change some unknown person's life for the better - though of course even if it wasn't the writers faintest of objectives! You never know :-) but these things happen. No need to restrict ourselves based on hypothetical speculations on what people want to read.

Personally, I prefer to LIVE - completely - more than just exist - this is the basic foundation, and then writing about it or not is secondary ;-) So writing about your experiences that you have found interesting would probably be a good idea, but sometimes I've got stuck with writing only things about the past like a retired man, so don't get stuck in that trap but keep going out and living everyday!

Check this out, esp the comments which have a couple of articles from Paulo Coelho.

I thought your current title was pretty assertive and didnt really sound selfish, but if youre looking for alternatives, how about a spoof name like NGM Studios ;-)

At 9:46 PM, Blogger NGM said...

Hello Sanjay, thanks a lot for the comments. I used to blog what intrested me rather than thinking about the small set of readers I may have.

If I have to improve my writing skills, I have to think about the reader as well.

But I agree with you that living in present is important, I will try to acheive a right mix of both past and present.

Thanks a lot for the thoughtful comments

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