Thursday, July 28, 2005


I came across this comedy serial when I was in US for a little time and boy it was great! From that time I have been searching for it across all the channels here in India: Zee Cafe (previously Zee English), HBO, Zee Studio..and many more, but was not able find it! If you have know the channel and the show timings please do tell me.

Here are some quotes from the show:

Jerry: Well I can't go to a bad movie by myself. Who am I gonna make sarcastic remarks to, strangers?

Jerry: Hunger will make people do amazing things. I mean, the proof of that is cannibalism. Cannibalism, what do they say, I mean, they're eating and they say "This is good, who is this? I like this person".

JERRY: I strained my neck last night.
JODI: Really, how?
JERRY: I tried brushing my teeth by holding the brush and moving my head from side to side. It didn't work.

GEORGE: Jerry... This woman (Jodi) hates me so much. I'm starting to like her.
JERRY: What??
GEORGE: She just dislikes me so much... It's irresistible.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Friends and close friends

Tea time is a usually the discussion time for us. 'us' here includes myself, and two of my colleagues: Sumanth and Rasmita. The topic this day was somewhat about 'friends and best friends'. There were some very common things which all of us had experienced and thought about:

1. There are friends and what you generally call 'best friends'

2. There are different categories of 'best friends'

3. As life advances you wont be a 'best friend' with anyone, but you will be a 'friend' to many people

1> Our definition of 'best friend' is 'some one with whom you are more "close with"'. If you are more close, you share emotional bonding, each one knows about other's emotional needs.

2> And there are different categories of 'best friends'. One with whom you have fun, one with whom you pour out your anxieties, your fears, basically a shoulder to cry on.

3> As life 'advances', 'advances' in our context meant when you move out of college, you generally stop being a 'best friend' with anyone. You generally do not have anyone to share your secrets (if there are any, after spending most of the time in office!), to share your fears/anxieties. Some of us felt its got to do with being 'mature' and some felt its go to do with 'time', you just dont have the 'time' to be a 'close friend'

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Which Kill-Bill charecter are you?

Well I am 'Bill'


Find out which one you are, and post it in the comments:
Which Kill Bill Character Are you??

Sunday, July 03, 2005

New photos

Two new photos at my photo blog