Monday, June 27, 2005


As a kid I remember getting hold of 'Mayur' a Kannada monthly whenever my mom bought it and reading the comic strip 'Putti'. It was the Kannada version of 'Pinki' by Pran.

Pran was the first Indian to introduce comics with Indian characters in 1960.

I used to read a lot of 'Pinki' stories, and a few Chacha-Chaudhary ones. The place I lived as a kid (Bagalkot) had only one store which used to sell comic books and he used to sell only Pinki, Phantom and Mandrake! Wish when i was a kid I had lived in a place where there were lot of shops selling comic books.


Other sources of comics when i was a kid were newspapers, which used to carry Phantom and Henry (the kid with the shaved head).

Anyway now that I am in Bangalore and have some pocket money of my own to spare, I can indulge in buying some comic books. I regularly buy 'Tinkle' and will buy more of Pran's comics.

Read more about Pran at:
and about Diamond comics at:


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cool! let me check them out.


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