Wednesday, November 17, 2004

C# Events and Delegates

Difference between C# events and delegates
Recently i was wondering about the difference between C# delegates and events. For me events seemed to be a very thin wrapper around delegates. I have been trying to find out the advantage that the keyword "event" adds. I have to explore more on this aspect. But here i present a simple example containing a publisher, a subscriber, and an event broker.

using System;
namespace Test
class Publisher
private EventBroker evtBroker;
public void RegisterWithBroker(EventBroker evtBroker)
this.evtBroker = evtBroker;

public void Publish(string message)
this.evtBroker.Notify(message); // <---- statement 1
//this.evtBroker.handler(message); // <---- statement 2

class EventBroker
public delegate void onEvent(string message);
public event onEvent handler; //<---- statement 3
//public onEvent handler; //<--- statement4-a simple delegate

//will be used by puiblishers
public void Notify(string message)

// //this call is used to subscribe
public void RegisterSubscriber(onEvent handler)
this.handler += handler;

class Subscriber
public void ReceivedMessage(string message)
Console.WriteLine("Received Message: "+message);

class Test
static void Main(string[] args)
EventBroker broker = new EventBroker();
Subscriber sub1 = new Subscriber();
Subscriber sub2 = new Subscriber();

broker.RegisterSubscriber(new EventBroker.onEvent(sub1.ReceivedMessage));
broker.RegisterSubscriber(new EventBroker.onEvent(sub2.ReceivedMessage));

Publisher pub = new Publisher();

pub.Publish("Hello to all subscribers");

The important point to note here is that if you comment out 'statement1' and un-comment 'statement2'. Then you would get a complier error that the event handler can be invoked (raised) only inside the 'EventBroker' which defines it. 'Statement 4' defines the delegate, now if i comment out statement 1 and 3 and un-comment statement 2 and 4. The code works perfectly.

The event i believe has an extra constrain that it can only be invoked from within the class which defines it. Hence the class defining an event should define a method like "Notify" to facilitate other classes raise the event. I believe there are other differences...i just hit upon this one..will look for others...


At 4:13 AM, Anonymous Sanjay M said...

IMO an event is a general design concept - typically used for asynchronous communication. Eg the publisher subscriber that you've shown, or seperation of UI and backend procesing - a simple eg could be that a scroll bar becomes smaller and smaller since it subscribes to the event of the main window of the browser receiving larger and larger amount of data. And since it is asynchronous, we're able to scroll around even though the entire page hasnt loaded yet. Anotehr subscriber could be the status bar updates the status.

A delegate (function pointer) is a programming construct. In a way one could say an event is a wrapper, but to be precise a delegate is used to implement the concept of an event.

At 4:18 AM, Anonymous Sanjay M said... I find the event keyword a bit confusing myself... will check this page later to see you've found out :-)

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At 8:42 AM, Blogger Cristian Diaconescu said...

The 'event' keyword is a *modifier* for a delegate field.
The Biggest difference is that you can declare an event in an interface, whereas you can not declare a field in an interface.
This is the best description of the differences that I found:

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